Meet TAE team

We have one mission, Shaping Future Pilots. Get to know the team behind the vision.

Our Story

TAE Aviation Academy S.A., was founded in 2012 under one vision, to train the pilots of tomorrow with professionalism, safety and the highest standards required by the aviation industry. Through the years, we keep standing for our core values and we follow the necessary practises for our students to achieve their life goal. Our passion for aviation and our professionalis, make TAE Aviation Academy one of the top flight schools in Greece. We have one mission, ”Shaping Future Pilots”.

For us, TAE Aviation Academy is not only a flight school but also a community.


TAE Aviation Academy, is an Approved Training Organization (EL-ATO-121) by HCAA (Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority) / EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency), since 2012. TAE has in-house maintenance for our fleet, since we are an Approved Airworthiness Organization . Moreover TAE Aviation Academy is an Approved Language Assessment Body authorized to conduct Aviation English Exams.


  • To provide training, to every student, with safety and high quality by following the highest safety standards and modern learning techniques.
  • To train pilots for safer skies.
  • To continually provide students with flexible aviation training solutions.
  • To fulfil all the needs of students for a successful pilot career.
  • To increase awareness of sustainable aviation.
  • To create a family of future passionate aviators.