Accommodation during Flight Training

Looking for accommodation during your pilot training?

We understand that if this is your first time away from home or arriving from another country, finding a safe, relaxing, and suitable home can seem quite stressful. For that reason, we offer you two options. You can book accommodation in apartments suitable for international students from TAE Aviation Academy or you can find student accommodation on your own from the private market. We can also provide accommodation as part of your training package if you wish so. In case our type of accommodation doesn’t suit your needs, we would be glad to offer support with finding accommodation that is tailored to your needs.

There are three types of accommodation:

  1. Studio (25 – 27 square meters): Fully equipped, cozy studio with your own bathroom.
  2. Two-room Apartment (42- 45 square meters): You will have your own apartment with a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living area. The perfect option for feeling comfortable and like home.
  3. Shared – accommodation (45 – 55 square meters): For international students is the most common type where two students share an apartment. Each student has their own bedroom and will share the kitchen, living room and bathroom.

For any inquiries during your stay at the accommodation, there is a direct correspondence to solve anything you need.

The minimum period you can rent an apartment is one year and a half. You can also extend your contact for more than one year and a half if you start the ATPL Integrated course.

Private market

You can look for alternative housing options around the city via the internet. It is common for student apartments to be offered online, either directly by the landlord/landlady or a housing company in Greece.

Here are some of the most known sites you can find the best apartment suitable for you:

We strongly advise you to take note of our tips if you decide to find an apartment by yourself. For example, you should check whether the apartment is furnished, which costs are included in the rental fee, the region and how far it is from our premises.

Transportation from the accommodation to the academy

TAE Aviation Academy provides students with free of charge transportation from the accommodation to our premises and airport. For those who decide to find accommodation in the private market, transportation will still be provided and for those who do not wish to live in Megara and they prefer Athens or elsewhere, we also provide transportation from Megara train station to the Academy.