EASA Medical Class 1

Did you decide to become a pilot? One of the first things you need to do prior to the commencement of your training, is to obtain the EASA class 1 medical certificate.

What is the Class 1 Medical Certificate?

The Class 1 Medical Certificate is the proof from an approved medical doctor that the applicant fulfills the health requirements to operate an aircraft in flight. Following the EASA regulations, one needs to issue and keep valid, the EASA Medical Certificate Class 1, during the flight training and the professional pilot life . This is applicable only if you get trained to become a commercial pilot. Those who train for the Private Pilot License, holding the EASA Medical Class 2, is sufficient.

In order to be able to issue the initial EASA medical certificate it is mandatory to pass a series of medical examinations in order to prove that you fulfil all the healthy requirements to operate as a pilot.

Where can you get the EASA medical certificate Class 1 in Greek?

The first time it is mandatory to visit an Aero medical centre, certified from EASA, to perform all the medical tests and issue the certificate. After the issuance of the initial certificate, you can visit Hellenic Civil Aviation authorized doctors to renew it.

In Greece the initial medical certificate can be issued only in two places. In Athens can be performed only in the 251 Air force hospital and in Thessaloniki to an authorized private medical center in Kalamaria area.

What to expect during an EASA Class 1 medical?

The duration of the tests is approximately half a day. The applicant shall be there early in the morning, in order to start with the laboratories tests. After that shall continue with the rest of the examinations (cardiologist, phycologist, ophthalmologist, pneumologist, psychiatrist, etc.). If the applicant successfully passes all the examination by noon, the certificate is issued the same day

What happens after the Initial issuance of EASA medical class 1?

Once you have successfully passed the initial medical exams for the EASA Class 1 certificate, you will usually have it valid for 1 year. After this period passes by, you should renew it yearly. For the renewal of EASA Medical Class 1, there is no need to go to the medical centers, as HCAA has approved a list of doctors who can conduct the renewal procedure. A list can be found here.

How much is a Class 1 medical certificate?

In 251 Air Force Hospital, the cost for the medical examinations, is 195€ for Greek citizens and 260€ for international. In IASIS Aeromedical Center, the cost is 450€ for everyone.

You may find here below, information for the 251 Air Force Hospital and the IASI Aeromedical Center in Thessaloniki

251 Air Force Hospital

In order to visit the Airforce Hospital you need first to contact the hospital and book an appointment for the examinations. The hospital is close to Katehaki metro station (within walking distance).

IASIS Aeromedical Center

IASI Aeromedical center is located at the district of Thessaloniki. In order to visit the center you need first to book an appointment.