Student life

Did you decide to become a pilot? One of the first things you need to do prior to the commencement of your training, is to obtain the EASA class 1 medical certificate.

Flight Training in Greece

Greece is one of the five top countries for pilot training. International aviation students choose Greece because of its geographical location, perfect weather, variety of activities, and living environment. During the summer, there is no rain, during winter snowfalls are rare, and the temperature usually stays above zero. This is an unbeatable advantage because nothing can stop you from staying more hours in the sky than on the ground. With more than 300+ days of good flying weather, you can be sure that you will avoid delays at your pilto training. But what you could you in your free time, when you are not in the Academy for training?

Life when not at TAE Aviation Academy

If you are international, you won’t find it hard to adapt in the Greek style of living! You will have the chance to discover the cultural heritage of Greece during your breaks from the training. After your ground school classes and flight training, you will have time to relax and visit near towns or islands with your fellow students. The public transportation system makes it easy to get to many places near the school. You can find beautiful beaches such as Edem Beach, Freatida and Agios Kosmas Beach. Moreover, in Greece and especially Athens, there are many places to visit and learn about the country’s history. For example, the world-known Parthenon temple and many history museums in Athens. If you have more than 1 day-off, there are many beautiful short trips you can enjoy. Some of them are Delphi, Metéora and Mycenae: The Legendary City of Greek Mythology.

Finally, you should not miss out Athens Flying Week, which is the country’s annual international aviation event. It has been characterised as one of the biggest and most successful aviation events in southeast Europe! Learning to fly and live in Athens is a dream come true for numerous cadets and pilots. You may find Greece and our Academy like home for you as many past graduates return to TAE for visits to build more flight hours and advance their licenses and ratings.

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