Why TAE Aviation Academy

Have you decided to pursue an aviation career, and now you are trying to choose the right flight school for you? It might be challenging when various schools worldwide prepare students to become pilots but not many with the most ticks on your list. Let’s briefly look at 8 + 1 elements TAE Aviation Academy offers you, and you should consider them for a successful aviation career.

You will be provided with top-quality training

TAE Aviation Academy is passionate about giving to students the best education possible. Our Head of Training supervises all training flights to ensure the high quality you are looking for and provides you with flexible aviation training solutions.

Cpt. Gkinis - TAE Aviation Academy

You will be training with the best

Our high qualified flight instructors with many years of flight and training experience, will prepare you for a successful pilot career. They will not only be your instructors but also your mentors by sharing with you all you need to know and do for a future in the aviation industry. Our experienced staff will make sure you enjoy your training and fall in love with aviation. Because being part of the aviation family, you need to be passionate and ready to address any challenges you come across.

Learn from the best- TAE Aviation Academy

New and Modern Aircraft

Our state-of-the-art Diamond Oriented fleet – DA40 & DA42 – is our pride! These aircraft are told to be most modern and training friendly from the ones of this category. Our fleet, also includes a Cessna C-172, mostly used for the Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Course (UPRT). The ratio we always keep is having available 1 aircraft per 4 – 5 students. This is indeed an unbeatable number!

TAE Aviation Academy - Planes

In-house Simulators

We are always looking to provide our students with the best practices and training. With the brand new FNPTII AL250 and the Airbus A320 OTD simulators, TAE gives high-quality training to the next generation of professional pilots. Our two in-house training devices, are the most appropriate ones for your training. Looking forward to experience flying with these beauties?

Inhouse Simulations - TAE Aviation Academy

Get the chance to be training in an international airport environment

Part of our training includes flight experience in the environment of an international airport. This experience allows you to get more familiar with the operation of an international airport and be more prepared after graduation.
You will be operating in Greece’s largest airport, the International Airport of Athens and other International and smaller airports such as the International Airport of Heraklio (HER) and Megara Airport (LGMG).


Great location for your flight training

Greece is one of the five top countries for pilot training. International aviation students choose Greece because of its geographical location, perfect weather, variety of activities, and living environment. Greece is among the sunniest countries in Europe, which gives the unbeatable advantage of flying more hours with 300+ days of excellent flying weather. Get ready to enjoy the Mediterranean climate and fly above the most beautiful places around Greece. Who wouldn’t love pilot-friendly weather anyway?

Sounio - TAE Aviation Academt

Ιn-house Maintenance

TAE Aviation Academy’s ongoing effort is to provide the safest possible learning environment with close monitoring of all aspects related to flights and aircraft maintenance. We chose to maintain our aircraft fleet in-house and not with an external provider. This approach ensures that all aircraft are strictly maintained, following all regulations with the highest airworthiness standards. Additionally, having our own mechanic available full-time, ensures the proper scheduling of maintenance to avoid delays and cancellations of training flights.

Pay as you Fly

With TAE Aviation Academy “you pay as you fly” without the concern of paying for all the training in advance. Of course, the choice is yours, and we will be happy to discuss the planning scheme of the payments.

An environment of constant support

TAE Aviation Academy team provides you with constant support before, during and after training. Mentoring from people who are so many years in the aviation industry, is the key to success!

TAE Aviation Academy - Theory of Aviation