Advanced UPRT(A) Course

UPRT stands for airplane ‘Upset Prevention and Recovery Training’ and constitutes a combination of theoretical knowledge and flying training.


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What is the Advanced UPRT course that TAE Aviation Academy provides?

The aim of the Advanced UPRT(A) course, is to provide flight crew with the required competencies to both prevent and recover from dangerous situations. When  an airplane unintentionally exceeds the parameters for line operation or training (airplane upsets), knowledge on how to recover is extemely crucial. ICAO was the first to take the initiative to introduce Advanced UPRT, and in December 2019 EASA made Advanced UPRT a requirement for all pilots. Preventing loss-of-control saves lives and Advanced UPRT produces better pilots and safer operations.


Entry requirements in the Advanced UPRT(A) Course

  1. Language: Holder of English Language Proficiency Certificate of minimum ICAO level 4 prior to start of training.
  2. License: Holder of PPL, CPL, MPL or ATP Licence
  3. Medical: Hold valid & current Medical Class 1 or Class 2 (for PPL only)

What does the Advanced UPRT Course include?

The Advanced UPRT(A) course, includes recovery techniques that are suitable for the aircraft used for training, in order to support the following training objectives:

  1. The relationship between speed, attitude and AoA (angle of attack)
  2. The effect of g-load on aeroplane performance, including stall events at different attitudes and airspeeds
  3. Aerodynamic indications of a stall including buffeting, loss of control authority and inability to arrest a descent
  4. The physiological effects of different g-loads between -1 and 2.5G
  5. Surprise and the startle effect
  6. Training in techniques to recover from: nose high at various bank angles, nose low at various bank angles, spiral dives, stall events, incipient spin
  7. Training to develop resilience and to employ strategies to mitigate the startle effect

Is the UPRT(A) Approved by EASA?

We offer a fully approved Advanced UPRT(A) training course, as per EASA Part.FCL 745.A. The course includes both theoretical and flying training on aircraft well suited for the mission.

The flying part of the training course is conducted in 2 flights, taking the student step by step through the syllabus. After successfully completed the Advanced UPRT course, TAE will issue a certificate of completion, stating that the student has successfully passed the training required by EASA part FCL 745.A, thus qualifying for class or type ratings on:

  1. single-pilot aeroplanes operated in multi-pilot operations;
  2. single-pilot non-high-performance complex aeroplanes;
  3. single-pilot high-performance complex aeroplanes; or
  4. multi-pilot aeroplanes;

How much does the Advanced UPRT cost?

The cost for the Advanced Upset and Recovery Training costs 1.150€ per pilot.

What is included in this price?
  • Ground school
  • Aircraft fees
  • Instructor’s expenses
  • Briefing before and after flights
  • Fuel, airport charges and administration fee

*This pricelist is valid until the end of 2022 year.


What aircraft is used for the Advanced UPRT(A) course?

  1. Seats: 4
  2. Wing span: 10.97m
  3. Length:8.2 m
  4. Height: 2.74 m
  5. Max Take-off
  6. Weight:2400 lbs
  7. Cruise Speed: 120 knots
  8. Max flight speed:123 knots
  9. Service ceiling :13000 ft
  10. Avionics: Analogue & Garmin G5

UPRT(A) Instructors

Our instructors are highly qualified with a base in aerobatic flying, thus familiar with extreme upsets attitudes, as well as high angle of attack flying. All instructors for the EASA 745.A, Advanced UPRT Course are qualified according to EASA part FCL.915(e) under the supervision and special accreditation of Hellenic CAA.

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