Modular CPL/IR (A) Course

If you are looking for a more flexible path to reach your Commercial Pilot License, then the EASA Modular CPL/IR(A) Course, is the course you should choose.


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What is the Modular CPL/IR (A) Course ?

A modular course gives you the flexibility and the time to complete the pilot training on a module by module basis, up to CPL/ME/IR (A) with ATPL Theory Credit.


What are the entry requirements to the CPL/IR (A) Modular Course?

To commence the Modular CPL/IR (A) training, you will first need to complete the Private Pilot Licence (PPL). Additionally, you must have logged at least 155 flying hours, out of which, 100 hours should be as PIC. If you do not already hold a PPL or you don’t have the required flying hours, we offer courses that will cover your needs.

  1. TAE’s Selection: Successfully pass the TAE’s selection process. Find out more
  2. Medical: EASA Class 1 Medical without restrictions. Find out more
  3. Visa: Be holder of EU Passport or meet the European Union requirements to qualify for an EU Student or Study visa.

What does the CPL/IR (A) Modular Pilot training include?

Your training comprises of 6 phases, including theory and flight training.

Our EASA ATPL Distance Learning pilot theory course is an approved program that includes interactive videos, slides, tape presentations and computer-based training, allowing a student to receive all the necessary knowledge to complete the exams in the 13 EASA ATPL subjects. Apart from the on-line theory, you will also receive 75hrs of in-class tuition with an experience Ground School Instructor. In case the Distance Learning mode is not preferable to you, we can always enroll you to our Full time in-class ATPL theory course.

The Single Engine Instrument Rating (SEP/IR), comprises of at least 15 hours Instrument Flight Training. This may include flying in or on top of clouds, or flying with reduced visibility. You will learn how to fly with sole reference to instruments. With the help of our experienced flight instructors, you will achieve the transition from visual to instrument flight.

In addition to actual flights, you will complete 35 hours on TAE’s in-house AL250, where you will perform all procedures risk-free, including coping with instrument failures, system and engine malfunctions, and other emergency situations.

Finally, at this stage, the PBN is included. But what is performance based navigation? The PBN meaning is performance based navigation and is now part of IR training. (redirection is page PBN)

You will also complete the Night Rating in an International Airport of Greece. A night rating allows a pilot to fly during the night under visual flight rules (VFR). A true aviator should be able to fly under any conditions and this is why EASA Night Rating is so crucial. 

CPL stands for Commercial Pilot License. During this module you will fly 10 hours on Single Engine Piston Aircraft (SEP) followed by 5 hours on Multi Engine Piston Aircraft.

The Multi Engine Class Rating in combination with the Multi Engine Instrument Rating, are the last part of your Modular Course. During this phase, you will fly 8 hours on Multi Engine Aircraft. Flying a Multi Engine Piston DA42 aircraft, is a unique experience, as you will follow the multi engine training which includes operations with one engine simulated inoperative. Additionally, the Multi engine instrument rating (ME/IR) qualifies you to fly cross country without visual reference to ground features in multi-engine aircraft. All of the ME Rating is performed on TAE’S Diamond DA42, which is a multi engine piston aircraft.

At the end of your training, you will complete the final skill test, in order to obtain the EASA CPL/SEP/ME/IR with ATPL theory credit.

What aircraft and simulators will you fly during your CPL/IR (A) Modular course?

The fleet you will be trained at, consists of Diamond DA40, Diamond DA42, Cessna 172 aircraft, as well as AL250 Simulator.
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How much does the CPL/IR (A) Modular Course cost?


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What is included in the package ?
  1. Ground and Flight training as described above
  2. Training material (CBT access code for the ATPL Theory)
  3. Fees for the first attempt at all 13 EASA subjects exams
  4. Fees for 1st attempt of English Language Proficiency Test
  5. HCAA License Issuance fees
  6. Airport Fees
  7. Expenses for Night Rating (accommodation & fees)
  8. Transportation to/from the Academy and Airport, as well as to/from Accommodation and Academy

*The examiner’s fees for the Skill Tests, are not included


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Why should you choose TAE for your EASA CPL/IR (A) Training?


Ιn TAE, we invest in state-of-the-art Diamond fleet, maintained by our own in-house Maintenance Organization.


Non-stop flying operations all year round. Get your ATPL Modular in Greece and take advantage of the great weather.


Our Instructors are aviation professionals with 20 + years of experience - carefully selected based on their extensive aviation background.


Our flight school is ideal for international students as the course is conducted exclusively in English Language and therefore, we accept students from everywhere!

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