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You love teaching, but you also love aviation? Take the opportunity to get the flight instructor rating and teach young aspiring pilots how to fly. You will gain experience, build flight time, and get the opportunity to work in General Aviation.


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Entry requirements in EASA Flight Instructor (FI) Course

  1. Valid EASA Pilot license which must include Valid and Current SEP (land) class rating
  2. EASA CPL or ATPL theoretical knowledge examinations passed
  3. EASA Medical Class 1
  4. EASA English Language Proficiency Certificate of minimum ICAO level 4 
  5. Pass a pre-entry Flight Test and Interview by the Head of Training
  6. A total of 30 hours flight time on Single Engine Piston (SEP) aircraft of which 5 hours shall be in the last six months preceding the pre-entry flight test
  7. A total of 10 hours Instrument flight instruction, out of which 5 hours can be in a Flight simulator or FNPTII
  8. A total of 20 hours flight time of cross country flying as PIC including a flight of at least 300nm

How long does it take to become a flight instructor?

The duration of the Flight Instructor Course, is approximately 2 months and comprises of both Theoretical Knowledge Instruction and Flight Training.

The Flight Instructor Course, consists of the following 3 parts:

  1. Theoretical Training. The theoretical training’s aim is to prepare the future Flight Instructor (FI) on teaching and learning methods. Student psychology and various teaching technique will be covered in the 125hrs Ground School, including briefings and debriefings. During ground school, you will be giving a number of lectures to a live audience (active training Students) on various aviation subjects.
  2. Flight Training. The total FI training is completed in 30 hours. 25 hours shall be completed on a Singe Engine Piston (SE) aircraft and 5hrs in an FNPT II
  3. Assessment of competence. At the end of the Flight Instructor course, you will have to pass an Assessment of Competence, which comprises of theoretical part and 1,5hrs flight part on Single Engine Piston (SEP) with a designated Flight Examiner.

How much does the Flight Instructor (FI) Course cost?

The Flight Instructor Course costs 10.500€, without any hidden fees!
What is included in this price?
  • Ground school
  • Aircraft fees
  • Instructor’s expenses
  • Briefing before and after flight
  • Fuel, airport charges and administration fee
*This pricelist is valid until the end of 2022 year and does not include Flight Examiner and License issuance fees.

What aircraft are used during for the Flight Instructor course?

During your flight instructor Course, you will be trained in both Single Engine aircraft types of TAE’s fleet, which are Diamond DA40 & Cessna C-172 aircraft. You will also be trained in our in-house AL250 Simulator. This will allow you to have experience in two types of aircraft, which will be very helpful for your future career as Flight Instructor.
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