ICAO to EASA CPL/ME/IR Conversion Course

If you are looking to Convert your ICAO CPL/ME/IR to EASA, TAE Aviation Academy has created a training program tailored to your needs.

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ICAO CPL to EASA Conversion Course

This course is designed to convert ICAO CPL(A) Multi Engine Rating (ME) and Instrument Rating (IR) to EASA CPL/ME/IR, based on the EASA PART.FCL regulations.

How can I convert ICAO CPL to EASA CPL?

Converting ICAO to EASA CPL with Multi Engine and Instrument Ratings, requires the following entry criteria:
  1. Be at least 17 years old
  2. Holder of Valid and Current ICAO CPL
  3. Holder of Valid and Current ICAO Multi Engine and Instrument Ratings
  4. Valid and Current EASA Medical Class 1
  5. EASA ATPL Theory Certificate. If you don’t have this Certificate, you can learn how to obtain it here 
  6. Having completed at least 200hrs flight time, including 100hrs flight time as PIC (Pilot in Command) and at least 55hrs instrument flight time, of which up to 38hrs can be in FNPT II, including PBN Training
  7. Having completed the 300NM cross-country with two stops at different airports from the departure airport
  8. Having completed the Night Rating, including 4 hours of dual flight instruction and 1 hour as pilot-in-command with 5 touch-and-go landings in night flight conditions
  9. Be holder of EU Passport or meet the European Union requirements to sumbit application for Student Visa

Please note that in case you miss some of the requirements, we can always help you to get there!


What does the EASA CPL ME IR Conversion Course include?

Here is the flight training program you will complete for your conversion course:

  1. 14 hours of Theoretical Knowledge Instruction
  2. 6 hours of Flight Training on Multi Engine Piston (MEP) aircraft
  3. 4 hours of Simulator Training on FNPTII for IR/PBN purposes
  4. At the end of the training, you will also have to complete the following Skill Tests with an EASA Flight Examiner:
  • 1,5 hours flight check on Multi Engine Piston (MEP) Aircraft for your CPL 
  • 1,5 hours flight check on Multi Engine Piston (MEP) Aircraft for your ME/IR
  • 1 hour simulator check on ALSIM AL250 Simulator for the PBN

What aircraft will you fly during your CPL Conversion course?

The fleet you will be trained at, consists of Diamond DA42 aircraft and TAE’s in-house ALSIM AL250 simulator.

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How Much Does It Cost To Convert the ICAO CPL(A) to EASA CPL(A)?

The CPL/ME/IR Conversion course, costs 6.075€, without any hidden fees!

A down payment of 950€ is paid on enrolment day. The rest of the amount has to be covered in 2 equal installments until the completion of the course.

What is included in this price?
  • Ground and Flight training as described above
  • Fees for 1st attempt of Aviation English Test Proficiency
  • Skill Test Aircraft fees
  • HCAA License Issuance fees
  • Airport Fees
  • Transportation to/from the Academy and Airport, as well as to/from Accommodation and Academy

*The Flight Examiner’s fees are not included.

Note: In case you also wish to endorse your Single Engine rating on your EASA License, TAE Aviation Academy can provide this as well. Relevant schedule and cost will be provided upon request.

Why should you choose TAE for your CPL Conversion Training?


Ιn TAE, we invest in state-of-the-art Diamond fleet, maintained by our own in-house Maintenance Organization.


Non-stop flying operations all year round. Get your EASA CPL in Greece and take advantage of the great weather.


Our Instructors are aviation professionals with 20 + years of experience - carefully selected based on their extensive aviation background.


Our flight school is ideal for international students as the course is conducted exclusively in English Language and therefore, we accept students from everywhere!


Accommodation during the EASA CPL Conversion Course

For information regarding the accommodation solutions we can offer, check our accommodation page.

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