Night Rating Course

The Night Rating Course, is a mandatory training that a pilot must complete, in order to be able to operate in commercial flights.

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What is the Night Rating course?

The night rating course, trains you to the adequate level to be able to fly during the night under visual flight rules (VFR). A true aviator should be able to fly under any conditions and this is why EASA Night Rating is so crucial.

What are the entry requirements for the Night Rating?

  1. Holder of a valid and current PPL
  2. Holder of a valid and current Medical Class 1 Certificate
  3. Holder of English Language Proficiency Certificate of minimum ICAO level 4 prior to start of training

Please note that in case you miss some of the requirements, we can always help you to get there!


What does the Night Rating Course include?

TAE Aviation Academy has developed an adequate training course complying with the EASA regulations. The Night Rating training, is conducted in one of Greece’s international airports. This experience allows you to get more familiar with the operation of an international airport and be more prepared after graduation.

The Night Rating course consists of 3 phases:

  1. Theoretical Knowledge Instruction
  2. 4 hours of dual flight instruction in night flight conditions with a night flight instructor
  3. 1 hour as pilot-in-command, with 5 touch-and-goes landings, in night flight conditions

How much does the Night Rating cost?

The cost for Night Rating Training is 2.150€ per pilot.

A down payment of 950€ is paid on enrolment day. The rest of the amount has to be covered in 2 equal installments, until the completion of the course.

What is included in this price?
  • Ground school
  • Aircraft fees
  • Instructor’s expenses
  • Briefing before and after flight
  • Fuel, airport charges and administration fee
  • Accommodation close to the international airport

*This price list is valid until the end of 2024 year


What aircraft is used for the Night Rating course?

You will be trained with one of our Diamond DA40 aircraft. If you want to find out more for TAE Aviation Academy’s fleet, click here.

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