Pilot Assessment Preparation Course

Are you preparing for a pilot assessment in an Airline company? This course is designed to strengthen your weak points and at the same time guide you regarding airlines’ selection process and criteria.


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What is the Pilot Assessment Preparation Course?

TAE Aviation Academy S.A. has prepared a Pilot Preparation, Selection & Assessment package, especially for CPL holders who wish to prepare themselves for applying for a job opening in an Airline.

This course is provided by professional pilots who have worked or are working in major Airline companies.  

Steps of Pilot Assessment Preparation Course

1. Pre-COMPASS Test

The Pre-COMPASS test is an online aptitude test which is designed to provide us with a general picture of trainee’s skills. 

2. IR Refresher Course

One of the most important criteria for a pilot to be hired from an airline is the satisfactory knowledge of IR. TAE has developed a tailored, 1 day full classroom IR refresh training course, with a duration of 6 hours.

3. Evidence Based Training (EBT)

The EBT course takes place in Academy’s ALSIM FNPT II and it is based on the concept of two students acting as a crew. The duration of the course is 4 hours, 2 hours PF (Pilot Flying) and 2 hours PM (Pilot Monitoring), including TEM and CRM elements.

EBT gives the opportunity to pinpoint applicant’s weaknesses and help him/her to improve them.

4. Airline Oriented Assessment Scenario

TAE provides 4 hours in an A320 OTD, which is based at TAE’s training center. A simulation of Airline Assessment will take place, to familiarize the pilots with the assessment procedure in a jet multi crew environment.  

5. Interview Techniques

After improving applicants technical and Non-technical skills, TAE will help them with the last but most crucial step of an assessment, the interview. TAE will support the applicants with an interview preparation based on airlines interview criteria.


How much does the Pilot Assessment Preparation Course cost?

The cost for Pilot Assessment Preparation course is 1.200€ per pilot.

*In case of additional training is required by the trainee, there will be special prices.

What is included in this price?
  • Ground school
  • Simulator fees
  • Instructor’s expenses
  • Briefing before and after the simulator training

*This pricelist is valid until the end of 2022 year.

Simulator TYPEs

What training devices are used for course?

The training is conducted in TAE’s in-house ALSIM AL250 simulator and in training device A320 series. Ready to board?

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