English Language Proficiency (ELP)

All pilots operating on international routes and all air traffic controllers who communicate with foreign pilots, will need to have their English language proficiency formally

EASA Advanced UPRT(A) Course

UPRT stands for airplane ‘Upset Prevention and Recovery Training’ and constitutes a combination of theoretical knowledge and flying training. APPLY & FLY ! Duration 3

MCC Course – Multi Crew Cooperation Course

MCC (Multi Crew Cooperation) course, provides students with realistic training in operating a multi-pilot, multi-engine aircraft. APPLY NOW Duration 9 days Theory 25hrs Practice 20hrs

Night Rating Course

The Night Rating Course, is a mandatory training that a pilot must complete, in order to be able to operate in commercial flights. APPLY &

ICAO to EASA PPL Conversion Course

If you are looking to Convert your ICAO Private Pilot License (PPL) to EASA, TAE Aviation Academy has created a training program tailored to your

FI – Flight Instructor Course

You love teaching, but you also love aviation? Take the opportunity to get the flight instructor rating and teach young aspiring pilots how to fly.

EASA ATPL Integrated Course

If you have no flight experience and you want to become an Airline pilot, then the ATPL Integrated, is the pilot training course, designed for

EASA Modular ATPL Course

If you are looking for a more flexible path to reach your Commercial Pilot License, then the EASA Modular ATPL(A) Course, is the course you

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