Pilot Training Financing for Swedish Citizens

Pilot Training Financing For Swedish Citizens

A very common question we receive is ‘’How to fund my ATPL Integrated Course?’’ or ‘’Can I get student loans for pilot training?’’. If you are a Swedish citizen, luckily, you can! CSN is the solution to the pilot financing. 

What is the CSN in Sweden? 

The CSN – Swedish Board of Student Finance – is the government agency that manages Swedish student finance and the one you should refer to in case you wish to apply for a student financial aid scheme. In order to receive a pilot’s loan, you should contact the head offices and submit your application.

Can I profit from the CSN?

The CSN student loan applies to student pilots within or outside of Sweden. If you decide to complete your fly training outside of Sweden, you need to make sure that the CSN approves the Training Organization you chose. TAE Aviation Academy’s EASA ATPL Integrated Pilot Course is approved by the CSN. Therefore, we can offer student financial solutions for Swedish students. You may find here more information regarding the study allowance in schools outside of Sweden.

How much loan can I get from CSN Sweden?

The funding for pilot training is on a case-by-case basis. However, you can get a significant amount to cover the flight academy’s fees and living expenses, such as accommodation, food, etc., during your ATPL Integrated flight training.

Funding your pilot training can indeed be challenging. If you dream of becoming a pilot, we advise you to look for aviation training loan solutions in your country. Nothing should hold you back if you have the skills and passion for pursuing a career in aviation.

Our admission team is ready to help you with your application in CSN or in any other office providing funding solutions, so do not hesitate to contact us!

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