Tips to Choose the Right Flight School for you

how to choose the right flight school

Have you always wanted to become a pilot and fly with one of the biggest airlines in the world? Is it a dream that excites and motivates you? If the answer is yes and you are determined to become a pilot, then it’s time to find the right flight school for you. To gain your pilot license and successfully be selected from an airline, you need to start your flight training at an aviation training organization that knows your needs and provides flexible aviation training solutions. This article will provide you with four tips about how to choose the right Flight School  for you!

1. Location and Weather

How to choose the right flight schoolThere are hundreds of flight schools worldwide to choose from, which makes it frustrating for you. Deciding where you want to study and spend the next 15 months is the first decision you need to make. 

If you decide to study abroad, ensure the weather is appropriate for flight training. Greece is among the top choices of international students because of the excellent flying weather, the various activities and the great living environment. The excellent weather conditions ensure you will enjoy your flying lessons over amazing scenery. In other words, prepare yourself for ongoing flying operations all year round. 

Experiencing living in another country and learning a new culture will familiarise you with the international mindset and prepare you for the multicultural environment of the biggest Airlines. Do not forget to make yourself aware of the Visa requirements, if needed.

2. New and Modern Aircraft Fleet

Flight Training - Diamond Aircraft DA40

A significant difference between flying schools is their training aircraft fleet. Look for new and modern aircraft. Why? Because they are safer, with less maintenance issues, and are more enjoyable to fly. Diamond Aircraft are revolutionary luxury airplanes designed with the pilot in mind. For that reason, they are the perfect choice to start your pilot career. 

Moreover, the fleet size is an essential factor you need to consider. Always look for a ratio of one aircraft per 4 – 5 students. You don’t want to wait long to fly! 

TAE Aviation Academy invested in a state-of-the-art Diamond fleet and in-house ALSIM AL250 & A320 Simulator Training Devices. Diamond Aircraft DA40 & DA42 are maintained by our in-house Maintenance Organization, ensuring a safe learning environment and close monitoring of all aspects of flights. 

To ensure your choice and accuracy of the information, we advise you to book an appointment to visit the facilities and try a Familiarisation Flight. 

3. Instructors

The people who will train and prepare you to become an airline pilot should be well-trained and with many years of experience. 

The best way to find out if the flight school has the instructors who suit you is to meet with the Chief Flight Instructor and the Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor. TAE Aviation Academy carefully selected its instructors based on their extensive aviation background and ability to motivate and mentor the student pilots. Keep in mind that your instructor must spend sufficient time with you to share knowledge and experiences.

4. School’s Environment and Quality of Training 

ATPL Ground SchoolBesides the location, weather, courses and aircraft, the environment of a flight school is also an essential factor to consider. If you decide to visit the premises of the flight school before applying to the course of your choice, make sure to talk with the current student, instructors and other staff members about their experience working and studying in this school. Try to recognize if the specific ATO cares about its employees and students. Do not hesitate to ask as many questions as possible, to know how it will be to study there. You will know if your first impression is a friendly and warm environment. Feeling part of a community and surrounding yourself with international students will be a memorable experience. 

One indicator of the quality of training is to check if the Head of Training supervises all training flights. This would point out that the flight school is passionate about giving students the best education possible and provides flexible aviation training solutions

Choosing a pilot school to start your commercial pilot training or getting your private pilot license is a significant investment of money, time and effort. A way to start your research could be to visit our premises by booking an appointment with us or even a familiarization flight. Our team of experts will be more than happy to talk to you and give you any information you need to know about our school.

We hope to see you in person soon! 

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