ICAO to EASA ATPL Conversion Course

Are you looking to convert your FAA ATPL to EASA, or your ICAO ATPL to EASA? TAE Aviation Academy has created a training program tailored to your needs. This course is designed to convert ICAO ATPL(A) to EASA ATPL(A) including type rating.
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What are the entry requirements in the ICAO to EASA ATPL Conversion Course ?

Converting ICAO to EASA ATPL, requires the following entry criteria:

  1. Valid and Current ICAO License
  2. Valid and Current Type Rating
  3. Valid and Current ICAO Medical
  4. Flying hours as described in the file you can download here

What does the ICAO to EASA ATPL Conversion Course include?

First things first, you will have to successfully pass all 13 ATPL EASA theory exams. Since you are an active pilot and holder of ATP License you don’t need to go through a Distance Learning Course for the Conversion Course. However, we strongly recommend doing some practice before enrolling in the EASA Theoretical Exams.

TAE Aviation Academy offers a package which includes all appointments, fees and administration procedures.
More analytically, we can help you by:

  • Booking an appointment for the EASA Medical Class 1, at the Aeromedical Center 
  • Submitting your application for the theoretical exams at Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority 
  • Arrange the EASA English Language Proficiency Test (ICAO Level 4). For more information click here
  • Book a Skill Test on a Full Flight Simulator of the type you are currently flying
  • Arrange an EASA Type Rating Examiner (TRE) to conduct your skill test
  • Submitting the application for your EASA ATPL(A) conversion , with Type Rating endorsement

How much does the ICAO to EASA ATPL Conversion Course cost?

The ICAO to EASA license conversion cost, depends on the Type Rating you are currently flying and you wish to endorse in your EASA license. Please contact one of our experts to get more information on the pricing of the conversion course.

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